The MLM compensation plan is simple:


You get to keep most of the money.  In fact, with many of the product sales, you get to keep ALL of the money.

Many of the MLM products pay out 100% of the revenue from each sale back out to the reps, in other words, you earn 100% commissions.  A few of the products pay out commissions that are way above industry standards(typically 70% or more).

The commissions work on a ‘Powerline Passup Structure.’

This means that the commission from each product that you sell is either paid to you, or it is ‘passed up’ as a powerline sale to the person that referred you to the system.

In turn, the sale of the products from the customers that you refer are either paid out to them, or passed up to you or the person they are ‘coded’ to on that product as a powerline sale.

Your first sale is paid to you.

Your second sale is ‘passed up the powerline.’

Your third sale is paid to you.

Your fourth sale is ‘passed up the powerline.’

Your fifth sale is paid to you.

Your sixth sale is ‘passed up the powerline.’

After the sixth sale, 4 out of 5 sales is paid to you, and every 5th sale is ‘passed up the powerline.’  Each product has it’s own compensation structure, so even if a sale for a particular product is passed up, the customer is still coded to you when you refer them.  In most cases, you will be earning a commission from several of the products that a customer buys from you(even if they are ‘passed up’ from the first product they decide to buy).

Here’s Where it Gets Good

Since everyone you refer also passes commissions up the powerline, you will be earning many large commissions from sales that your team are making.

Let’s look at an example:

You refer “Bob” to the system.  Bob goes out and makes his first product sale and earns a big commission.  Bob is happy 🙂

Bob makes his second sale, and passes the commission up to you.  Let’s say “Angel” is the second customer that Bob referred.

“Angel” is now coded to you on that product.  This means that even though you didn’t refer Angel, Angel will still pass up his 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale after that to you for that product.

Angel’s second customer is named Matt.  Matt makes his first sale and keeps the commission; Matt is happy.  Matt makes his second sale, and even though Angel referred Matt, and Angel was referred by Bob, YOU will get the commission from the second sale that Matt makes…

This goes down infinity levels.

If you understand how powerful this is, you will understand why there are so many people that are able to earn a large income with the MLM.  As you bring in lots of customers, and they bring in lots of customers, you will earn large commissions from infinity levels down the powerline.

This picture should help you understand the concept:

All of those ‘red’ arrows indicate commissions that are going to you, and that will continue down infinity levels in depth, and in width.

Right now, the MLM compensation plan has everything that you need:

  • Large upfront commissions so you can earn money when you are getting started
  • Large upfront commissions continually paid as you refer new customers
  • “Powerline” sales that are paid to you infinity wide, and infinity in depth as your team grows

This is better than other compensation plans because so much of the revenue is being paid back out to you.  There may even be more ways to earn in the future, but these are elements that will always be there for you as benefits of the MLM compensation plan.

All you have to do is click on the ‘buy now’ button on this page, enter your information, and start referring customers to start earning massive commissions.