I remember when I first got started marketing online.  I thought I was going to get rich immediately, but soon realized that I was tech challenged, and even though I had a college degree in business, I knew absolutely nothing about marketing.  I probably would have tanked and burned if I didn’t find a simple system that took the guesswork out of getting started.

When most people start marketing on the internet, they run into a terrible problem.  Getting started can be hard.  There are a handful of reasons that one will run into trouble when they first start to create a business on the internet.

Why Internet Marketing Sucks (The Short List):

  • Setting up a self-hosted blog is hard – blogging is one of the most efficient ways to put out your sales content so that people will buy stuff from you.  The best way to do this is to have your own unique, branded domain name where you can share your material.  The first time I tried to set up a blog I ended up screaming my head off and pounding my fists into the floor like a three year old having a temper tantrum.  I may as well have been asked to build a rocket for NASA.
  • Most “Newbies” set it up wrong – Even if you do manage to figure out a good hosting company(many of them are garbage or have poor support), setting up a blog or website that is optimized for marketing your product is extremely difficult.  There are certain layouts and techniques that make it more likely that someone will buy stuff from you.  The problem is that unless someone has studied marketing, practiced the techniques, and gotten results, they are awful at this.  The bottom line is “You don’t know what you don’t know.”
  • Paying Someone to do it for you is Extremely Expensive – That is only part one of this problem.  To pay someone to set up a blog for you that is optimized for marketing costs a lot.  If that was the only part of the problem, it would probably be worth it to pay a designer $1000-$3000 to set up a good blog for you.  Well, that leads to the second part of the problem – “Designers aren’t marketers.”  In other words, even though your shiny blog looks pretty, it isn’t laid out to convert traffic into sales.  It is kind of like walking into a car dealership with no salesmen on the floor with a pretty girl working behind the counter that doesn’t speak English.  Not a whole lot of sales are going to be running through that dealership, no matter how good the cars are.
  • You are on your own with no help – Even if you do get lucky and find someone that knows how to optimize a blog, and pay them $1,500 to set it up, what in the world do you do next?

As you can see, this entire process can be quite frustrating.  This is where the MLM Viral Blogging System comes in.  The MLM blogging system comes out of the box set up for you, so all you have to do is do a few simple steps to personalize it, and you are ready to start posting your content immediately!


Key Features of the MLM Blogging System:

  • Set up for you – The moment you register for the MLM blogging system, you will have your own blog that is set up and optimized to generate leads and sales.  No more trying to figure out what themes and plugins will work best, because it is all done for you.
  • Designed by Marketers for Marketers –  Yes, many customers do use the Viral Blogging System for personal use and it is great for that.  However, if you are a marketer, and you want to make money online, then you will be extremely pleased about the blog’s slick design, AND the fact that it is optimized for marketing.  Many marketers pay thousands of dollars for this type of service.  Isn’t it better to spend a few dollars to get the MLM Blogging system?
  • Lightning Fast Hosting – The custom system that is used to host your MLM blogging system has incredible ‘up time’ and loads faster than most anything else you can find.  This is important, because the faster you can get customers to view your material, the more likely you are to keep them on the page to get sales and make money.
  • Automatic Updates – A lot of websites end up being hacked, or begin to run slow because they are not constantly being updated.  Your MLM Viral Blogging System will automatically update for you, and new features are being added constantly.
  • Domain Masking – Choose your own domain name, and follow some simple steps to connect it to your MLM Blogging System.  Purchasing your domain is something you will do separately from a domain service such as ‘’ or another domain registrar service(domains are super cheap).
  • Multiple Domains – You can connect up to ten domains of your choice and have 10 separate niche blogs running at the same time.  Setting them up is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • Super Affordable – The MLM Viral Blogging System is a mere $25 per month, so it is affordable on any budget.  A one legged blind midget on food stamps could afford it.
  • 100% Commissions For Affiliates – When you decide to become an affiliate and resell the Empower Blogging System, you will enjoy the benefits of earning 100% commissions.  In other words, your income potential for making sales for this product is immeasurable.
  • Team Bonus – You’ll Have Help – Along with the training that you will have in your back office when you purchase the blogging system, we have extensive team training and bonuses that will help you get your business off the ground.

As you can see, purchasing the MLM Viral Blogging System is pretty much a “No Brainer” for an internet marketer.  Just listen to what these happy customers are saying about the product: